Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hold On Tights

Slate Angels Corduroy Jacket $13. Rave Lace Bib Black Top $8. Rue 21 Elastic Belt $3 TJ Maxx Layered Skirt $12 Target Red Tights $8 Thrifted Purse $1 Doc Martens Maryjanes Bargain $16
These tights are fast becoming my favorite! I love how opaque it is yet it's so thin and not sock-like, very reminiscent of the ones I had when I had my ephemeral ballet lessons at 6, meaning I only went for a day. The purse is my staple purse. I always use it because for some strange cosmic reason, most of the stuff I have in my wardrobe coordinates with that purse. When I do wear something bright and fun, that's when I whip out my tokidokis.

The box on my left is actually Thad's percussion box. It also moonlights as an additional side table. He's had that for years, it's now so beat up that it matches our intentionally beat up furnch.

It's a rainy Tuesday but it was all fun and sunshiny in my car on my way to work while listening to my Japanese-pop music the Pillows. I can't understand a lick of it but I know all the words. Ja mata ne!


  1. Love this look especially the top!

  2. Did you change after I left? The real magic in that purse is that it could fit the wardrobe which it doesn't match inside of it. Thanks for the beat Xiom (pun intended) ;-)

  3. Thad, of course I changed after you left. Did you expect me to go to work wearing pink cherry jammies and a Poison shirt? Hmm...maybe you did.

  4. xio. i had a shoes like this when i was in high school. lol..


  5. Xio I like the shoes, bag and that opaque stockings... and maybe if I could have a closer look, I might even like some things around you :p

  6. Fet, ako pag college. I even wore white socks with it when I graduated college...mura kog ni graduate sa kindergarten.

    Thankies, Gov.

    Zora the Silent, I'm pretty sure you would. I have photos of my house/decor in my fishbuk oy. Di tingay ka ma ibog oy kay halos Moroccan style (og half Asian style) unya nagkalata lang na diha!

  7. naga medyas mo sa college? haha. sorry xio nkatawa ko! kami sa ateneo kay among uniform murag katabz! puti.. skirt and blouse. tapos 1st year ra nku na suot akong sapatos na ing-ani kay nag inarte naman! heels2x nah! lol.

    btw.. unsaon ng naay pics dinhi? kanang inig comment gani mogawas ang pic?

  8. Fet, wala mi socks, ako ra tong mugna na mag medyas pag graduate. Mo gawas ang photo kung naa kay blogspot account. Govinda is also a blogger on blogspot :-)