Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Hip To Be Squire

Lips Tailored Check Jacket $3 (I keed you not) Burlington Boy Vest $12 Thrifted Secretary Blouse Salvation Army $1.50 True Religion Denim Mini Skirt Bargain $35 Target Tights $8 Vintage Red Stone Jabot Pin $0.25 Repro Pocket Watch $15 Granny Boots from my mother-in-law.
I was talking to one of my bestfriends, Bevlee last night and asked her about what to wear today. It was between English Squire and Neverending Edwardian Love. She choose Edwardian so naturally I went with the Squire look. Haha. Actually my Edwardian style top is still sitting loftily on my laundry pile waiting for be hand washed. Not fun.

A squire look is not complete without a chain watch, which actually works but I have a hard time reading watches with hands so I'm double-watching. I have my ever dependable black Nike digi. The pocket watch is just for accessory. I found that jabot pin from Salvation Army for 25 cents. Major score! The granny boots are just plain awesome! Ms. Marilyn saw them and felt they were me...and they are!

It may look like my dog Gotham is just trying to be in the way but he's actually giving me his lick of approval. Frock on!


  1. totally dig this! i looooooooove the ruffled blouse!

    hey if naa ka tinubuan as in di na masud nimo, hand it over to me ha! not to bevlee or whoever! hahah feeling close!

  2. Haha Gov tinubu-an dili na style, passe na. Ligsan nakas fashion train anang kalakeha. Di man na si Bevs og tinubu-an...sauna mo adto ra man nas shas akong haws mangukay.

  3. cge ako ilisan... not tinubu-an, but PINASKUHAN. dah sharo! Hahah!

  4. 1) Tinubo-an??? Mo tubo' pa diay na xiomara? hehehehe ok, ok sorry couldn't help it! dugaya na nako wa ka dungog ana nga term TINUBO-AN UY from the word TUBO hehehe

    2) Mangukay ug shirt with kick-ass print & embroidered blouse... I don't think I can do that now since I've magically swallowed the BIG pill ;p

    3) Finally, Gotham makes an appearance!! Ego and Id are going to be in my pictorial with Ruki in December Godiva for your style feature :)

    stripes & plaid nice! i'm waiting for your Frye boots & the olive boots!