Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mulder and Skully

Ralph Lauren Cardigan (it's not frugal price) Arizona White Button Down Shirt $5 Libertine Cardigan $22 Karen Jeans $25 Green Shoes Target $19 Black socks that you can get anywhere.
Thought I'd go preppy today. The socks are a must because it is cold. I've been lusting over the skullicious vest when Target had Libertine design for them for their GO Designer Line. I missed it because I kept putting it off but found it once again on ebay. Ebay can work out for me sometimes. I only hate it when someone snipes me. I'm not telling you how much the Ralph Lauren cardigan is because it goes against my imposed frugality.

Oh and Happy Birthday to my dear ol' squid, Sherri DuPree Bemis. Check her along with sissies Chauntelle, Stacy, bro Weston and cousin Garron, band Eisley . This is a photo she sent to me as one of my birthday pressies. It now graces my shelf. I love you, chikadee! Keep rockin and rollin' and ho'in...Heh. I keed, I keed.


  1. i looooove the outfit! especially the bracelet that goes with the green shoes! smart!

    happy birthday sherri, i've posted my love for the band today :)

  2. aaaaw o! Catatonia diay! hehehe.. wa lang just remembered the song.

  3. Thank you Gov! What a wonderful tribute kind of for Sherri since it's her birthday and stuff. I told her to check your blog so I hope her sugar highness will :-) Oh the green bracelet also goes with the one point green stroke criss crossing on the vest. Hah!

    London never sleeps, it just sucks...the life out of me and the money from my pocket.

  4. oh yes yes i see the green X's!