Friday, December 11, 2009

Owl Be Seein' Yuh!

Tarea Owl Hoodie $25. Scarf bought from a tradeshow $25. Brown Union Corduroy Pants $14. Steve Madden Boots.

Seriously, I feel like going to a forest and blend in the vegetation. This color combination makes me look like a tree. Green top, brown bottom...and I have an owl to boot! Teehee. I don't normally pay that high for scarves but I bought this one at a trade show. I wanted to support the local arts. It's warm and comfy, not itchy! and it looks so much fun! It is cold down here again. Louisiana weather can't just make up its mind. I don't think mere leggings can warm my legs so the cords it is.

Happy Freya Day everyone!


  1. heading out to trollywood! you look fantastic as always xiox even if you feel like you're in a "tree" suit. me lovey mr. owl :)

  2. Judy, whooo? Me? :D
    Gov, it's so weird tough because that was playing in my head was Plenty of Paper. Yes, I'm a tree, I wish I was as skinny as Twiggy. :D

  3. I am a major fan of "It's Hip To Be Squire" and "Mulder and Skully" but this one is my fav!!!! I have a top three:-) You are like a living doll with mad style.(as for the tree comment, I studied the druidry for years which explains alot) I have to find an Owl hoodie for Lilly now.

    P.S. Mad props for the Freya Day comment

  4. Ahhh I love your comment Shannon! Living doll! Teeheehe. I hope you will have more favorites in the days to come. I bought this hoodie 2 years ago BUT I some saw a similar owl applique hoodie at in the children's section. I love everything in the children's section. The pepto pink ensemble is very boden-ish. You will see :D Check them out and get Lilly an Owl hoodie!

  5. oh and Shannon thanks for the mad props :-) I studied Norse mythology as well :-) and since I talk to my plants, I am highly in tuned with the devas.