Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hell Hath No Furry

Dollhouse Jacket $29 Prairie Cream Dress Rue 21 $8 GoJane Rabbit Fur Boots $30 Net Scarf $7

I feel like going frozen tundra trekking because I'm damn well-dressed for it! Instead, I'll be in my charming little cube all day drawing snowflakes. I'm not being sarcastic. I do have a charming little cube, it's full of toys and artful inspirations and I draw all day. Snowflakes for today.

I snagged that jacket about 4 years ago from Marshall's. I love the creamy lace overlay on the back, it goes well together with the cream prairie dress. The maroon velvet trim just jovially screams Victorian Christmas to me. The fur cuffs ties the fur boots together with the whole ensemble and gives it a bit of a sasquatch flair. Gwaaargh on! Lovely eyelet detail on dress and scarf that doesn't really shield me from freeze rays


  1. nice. i like the jacket. murag naa ingon ana akong daughter sa una but taas lang. feel niya rockstar sya adto. hehehe

    liking the boots a latte but why oh why di man ko angayan ug ingon ana oi. :(


  2. I love how you remember what you paid for that jacket four years ago, but numbers otherwise terrify you.

    "With my freeze ray, I would stop... ...the world."
    --Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long blog

  3. Thank yew, Lil. Haha, most of the time feeling nako dili ko angayn pero mo dar ema jud. In the back of my mind bya gyud Lil, ang angayan ra gyud are the tall and skinny people...which I'm not. Pero kevs!!! :D

    Bibi, I do remember because as a cheapskate, I thought it was too much for a single piece of clothing. In one hand, I was carrying a Sashimi corduroy jacket that was only $6. I'm good with numbers if they have a dollar sign preceding them.

  4. Sige lang even if we are pinangga sa yuta, let's feel tall na lang. go go go "promor girls".

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  7. M, I can't get to it but I love Zhang Ziyi. I pretend I look like her all the time. Bwehe