Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Drindl...We're Apart That's True.

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Drindl Dress $0.??, that means I don't remember. Red Leggings Target$8. Rue 21 White Top. Vintage Red leather Belt, Charlotte Russe Black Boots. Cottage Purse $54

I am spending Christmas Eve with my family on the other side of the hemisphere through yahoo chat and webcam! I got to see them do their little presentation, open their gifts and eat Christmas dinner. I also got to see how my Nanay (Filipino term for mom) and I are almost dressed alike! She even has red leggings on! Apple don't fall far from the tree, I guess :-) Here's a blurry snapshot:

Nanay is wearing a black cut out top, red belt, denim tiered skirt with magnificent embroidery work and red leggings.

Cottage Purse Detail

Work is making us stay till 3:30...yes, that's the holiday spirit for ya. I have a splitting headache, this weather is nasty...but I'm not going to let all that dampen my Yuletide mood. Thad and I will have a little Christmas dinner of shrimp asparagus and angel hair pasta and lemon pepper chicken in mango salsa. We'll have fire in the fireplace if it gets cold enough while we watch movie marathons. Gotham will be somewhere in close proximity...then we open pressies at midnight as we traditionally do in the Philippines.

I know my blog hasn't been around for that long but thank you friends, readers, visitors, subscribers for the constant visits and delightful comments. I am so happy to share with you something I feel strongly about...frugal fashion! Please continue to check my new posts in the days to come.
I hope to be able to inspire you guys to come up with your own wardrobe combinations as well.I wish everyone a wonderful blessed Christmas full of merriment and love. God bless us all.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Have Your Elf A Merry Little Christmas

Today is my department's (Design and Product Research) Christmas Cookie Exchange. I was dreading this day because I don't bake cookies. The only thing I know how to bake is clay. I tried making brownies once but they turned out tasting like sea cakes because I accidentally put salt instead of sugar. The second was a half baked birthday cake for my Uncle Marvin. I guess he was so touched that he didn't mind the gooey-ness. Anyway, I was able to bring some cookies to work and they are now sitting on my desk waiting to be exchanged. They're Raspberry Choco Ripple Butter Cookies. Here's the recipe:

1 qt. tank of gas

a set of keys

some money

Get in car. Turn the ignition. Drive to store. Buy cookies. Et voila!

Onwards to my Christmas outfit...I bought that vintage velvet blazer in Soho, New York. A lot of people don't know that I lived there for a while before I moved to the
happiest state, Louisiana. It was rather big so I waited till I got back to Cebu and have my fellow fashionista friend, Kate Torralba who had a little shop back then, fix it for me. Kate is now a super famous fashion designer in the Philippines with a very impressive clientele and she is still the same the Kate I know. She still cracks me up with her brutal, honest impish ways. I bought the silvery grey top from a little boutique in Ayala Mall, Cebu. The leggings, crap...I don't remember where I got them. I was rummaging my drawers and there they were. The olive wedge boots are the same boots I wore yesterday. Necklaces were thrifted so they were probably like $1 a piece. The Santa hat was from Target...circa 2003, I think.

Blazer, top and necklace detail

I have the tendency to ramble so I have to end this before this starts getting kilometric. I wish everyone a blessed Christmas. I hope you guys get everything you want that money can't buy...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How To Wear A Band Shirt

Knitted Cardigan Rue 21 American Apparel Eisley Band Shirt. Nudie Rodeo Shirt Old Navy. Refuge Olive Boots. Paris Blue Jeans. Gadzooks Armor Necklace

I think band shirts are dorky. Don't ever be that guy who wears the band shirt to the band concert. It's over-dork. But I must say this Eisley shirt doesn't exude dorkiness...or maybe I am just biased but look at it! It's brown! The print in dull gold! The artwork...bizarre as only Sherri's twisted brain can produce! This is a shirt not a vest. I'm just wearing it like it is. You know you want it. You can't have it...but fret not! You can score one from the Eisley website.

In lieu of a jabot, I opted for a necklace that kind of reminded me of a knight's armor. I wanted something outlandish to pop out in this emsemble but still relating back to my shirt. If you are familiar with Eisley music, this idea wouldn't seem far-fetched.

Ok here it is, shameless friend promotion...for those of you who have no idea who Eisley is, that's ok. They seldom cavort with mortals. They live in the faerie dell and they only come out at dusk. But do check them out. Their music will take you on an extraordinary journey of peculiar myths and fantasies...things you stopped thinking about because you grew up.

First Photo: L to R: Eisley! Chauntelle DuPree, Weston DuPree, Stacy DuPree, Sherri DuPree and Garron DuPree 2nd photo me and Sherri on her dreamy wedding day.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Bibi, It's Cold Outside

Fur boots that I've worn before. Rue 21 Olive Hoodie. Forever 21 Heritage Smock. Rue 21 Maroon Sweater. C-Pink Jeans

Bibi is the endearment Thad and I call each other. It is short for Bibikeef Pinanggaroo. True story. It was 32 degrees when I woke up this morning and it will be 64 later. Wet cold weather is not the way to start a Monday but it's a good Monday because it's Christmas week!!! Woooot! Actually, what am I wooting about? I'm not even done with gift shopping...But it's Christmas week!!!

Oh trying out to see how my photos look with or without Flash (both the superhero and the built in camera lighting) and the difference it makes on the colors. The one with Flash is the truest color but the one without has the right tone.

My iphone tells me it might snow Thursday but since Louisiana weather doesn't really follow weather reports, we will be wearing shorts on Christmas.

Happy Monday! (is a good band by the way)...

Necklace and smock detail

Friday, December 18, 2009

Eiffel In Love With France

Hydraulic Denim Culottes $30Cathedral Stockings Rue 21Vintage Grey Blazer
Drape Daisy Chain Necklace Rue 21 $12 Tommy Girl Wedge Sandal $40ish
Necklace, blazer, stockings and shoe detail

I decided to go Le Parisienne today...avoir l'air de Parisienne! I'm pretty sure French people don't dress like we imagine them with the black beret and the black and white striped shirt. My wardrobe is just inspired by colors I see when I think of Paris, the timeless elegance of neutral grey, white, black and then the splash of bold passionate red that makes you think of only one thing. L' Paris is the City of Love.

I decided to use our guest bedroom for a photo location because I have decorated it in French boheme theme. The Paris postcard was a freebie from a Nick Bantock novel/art book. I absolutely love the over sized black flower pin that came with the blazer. The draping necklace somehow makes me think of authoress Colette and the stockings, is Anaïs Nin: sexy, volatile and complicated. They also remind me Montmarte's ornate architecture.

Mon Dieu! c'est vendredi enfin!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fa La La Lunch!

Ralph Lauren Cardigan.Charlotte Russe Dress $25. Silver and black striped leggings gifted from Teasigh Murillo.Charlotte Russe Boots from Thad. Ceramic Holly Necklace from my mom-in-law,Marilyn. Vintage Gold Elastic Metal Belt

Today is Christmas lunch at work, that's why I appropriately dressed up like a Christmas tree. My multi-tiered dress bespeaks for a pine tree, yes? This is not the only pose I know. I have my camera on time variant mode which means I have to stay still for 10 seconds before it takes a shot. I need a sturdy support or else my photos will come out shaky as evidenced on the second photo below. I am too lazy to take more shots. I wanted to wear a prettier dress today but I had to take my dog, Gotham to get snippity snipped. I was afraid he might fuss too much or houdini himself out of his leash and I can't deal with all that in a pretty frock. I'm going to miss him for a day. I might even miss the incessant whining...or not. Well, it's almost Friday. I can't wait for the weekend and go riding around with Thad in his X-Terra that he christened Zura-Janai-Katsura-Desu. It's Japanese for "My name is not Zura. It's Katsura". We'll call her Zura for short.

Let's just pretend this photo is crisp and clear. Here's a detailed
photo of the ceramic holly necklace for my friend, Govinda

Hell Hath No Furry

Dollhouse Jacket $29 Prairie Cream Dress Rue 21 $8 GoJane Rabbit Fur Boots $30 Net Scarf $7

I feel like going frozen tundra trekking because I'm damn well-dressed for it! Instead, I'll be in my charming little cube all day drawing snowflakes. I'm not being sarcastic. I do have a charming little cube, it's full of toys and artful inspirations and I draw all day. Snowflakes for today.

I snagged that jacket about 4 years ago from Marshall's. I love the creamy lace overlay on the back, it goes well together with the cream prairie dress. The maroon velvet trim just jovially screams Victorian Christmas to me. The fur cuffs ties the fur boots together with the whole ensemble and gives it a bit of a sasquatch flair. Gwaaargh on! Lovely eyelet detail on dress and scarf that doesn't really shield me from freeze rays

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mustard and Servant

Target Cardi $17. Angie Patchwork Prairie Minidress $3. Vintage Red Leather Belt. Rue 21 Purple Leggings $8. Vintage Lace Up High Boots. Mustard Yellow Beret $15 ebay.

I don't normally wear head gears...i.e. hats, berets,bonnets,crowns, tiaras, etc. but I always keep buying them for some reason. I'm thankful this mustard yellow beret ended up in my collection because with it, I can cover my funky ass hair. It works with this wardrobe. My hair right now is just not very cooperative and I don't have time to coax it.

I still can't take photos outside because of this nasty weather and this spot is only part of my house that's got a decent natural lighting. The Christmas tree will be an ever present cynosure for now...and well, it's the holidays. As per Mader Lili's request I am standing to where you can see my entire Christmas tree all decked out.

Yes, Zor this is the 3 dollar dress. I think this is children's size because it says large and it's not. A large size in juniors on me would even look like a snuggie.

Necklace and tree pendant detail. This is probably one of my favorites. I've worn this several times. I especially love the little dangling bird on it. I bought this at the now defunct store, Burke's Outlet. That store had the cheapest wonderfulest accessories! I know wonderfulest is not a word. How's your Tuesday so far?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Gray Skies and Purple Feet

Vintage Edwardian Ardham Top. Spring Street Skirt $12. Black Tights Rue 21 $8. Purple Delicious Boots $30

Boot and Doggie Detail because he had to be in the way.

What not to wear on a rainy day...but I didn't subscribe to the dictates of this weather. Yes, I am wearing this to work. People are used to me being over dressed sometimes. The thundering rainy weather today made it almost impossible to wear this outfit but since Louisiana weather is fickle, I expected it to stop raining in about 5 minutes. It didn't. So I had to wear my tokidoki rain boots to get to my car since my carport is inundated with rain, bagged my purple bootsies and left. As soon as I got to Gonzales, the city I work in, there was no rain. So I delightfully put on my bagged boots and tromped towards our building. Just as soon as I was in, the clouds just let out a torrential downpour. I looked up at the sky waved my thanks at it. Someone in their parked car honked their horn at me and waved back.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Owl Be Seein' Yuh!

Tarea Owl Hoodie $25. Scarf bought from a tradeshow $25. Brown Union Corduroy Pants $14. Steve Madden Boots.

Seriously, I feel like going to a forest and blend in the vegetation. This color combination makes me look like a tree. Green top, brown bottom...and I have an owl to boot! Teehee. I don't normally pay that high for scarves but I bought this one at a trade show. I wanted to support the local arts. It's warm and comfy, not itchy! and it looks so much fun! It is cold down here again. Louisiana weather can't just make up its mind. I don't think mere leggings can warm my legs so the cords it is.

Happy Freya Day everyone!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

...And Dots The Way It Is

Target Mossimo Green Cardigan $17 Siren Lily Polka Dot Dress $25 Rue 21 Aubergine Tights $4 Thrifted belt and necklace. Charlotte Russe boots xmas pressie from Thad 2 years ago. Necklace and belt detail

I've been taking pictures inside my house for convenience. I don't aspire to take artsy profesh looking photos for this blog because I'm normally in a hurry to get to work. I'll save those for When I'm outside, Gotham also tends to get into the swim of things and assumes I'm about to play with him.

So moving on, I've had everything for a while except for the green cardigan . I've never worn this combo though. People think I don't wear the same things again but I do. I don't have THAT many clothes. It's all in the coordination. That's the secret of many a cheap clotheshorse. I rarely wear the same combo again unless it is my favorite. Mixing, matching, styling is fun to me. I get excited about what my mind can come up...or my closet for that matter. Last night, I chanced upon a shirt I had forgotten about. It feels new to me again.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Hip To Be Squire

Lips Tailored Check Jacket $3 (I keed you not) Burlington Boy Vest $12 Thrifted Secretary Blouse Salvation Army $1.50 True Religion Denim Mini Skirt Bargain $35 Target Tights $8 Vintage Red Stone Jabot Pin $0.25 Repro Pocket Watch $15 Granny Boots from my mother-in-law.
I was talking to one of my bestfriends, Bevlee last night and asked her about what to wear today. It was between English Squire and Neverending Edwardian Love. She choose Edwardian so naturally I went with the Squire look. Haha. Actually my Edwardian style top is still sitting loftily on my laundry pile waiting for be hand washed. Not fun.

A squire look is not complete without a chain watch, which actually works but I have a hard time reading watches with hands so I'm double-watching. I have my ever dependable black Nike digi. The pocket watch is just for accessory. I found that jabot pin from Salvation Army for 25 cents. Major score! The granny boots are just plain awesome! Ms. Marilyn saw them and felt they were me...and they are!

It may look like my dog Gotham is just trying to be in the way but he's actually giving me his lick of approval. Frock on!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hold On Tights

Slate Angels Corduroy Jacket $13. Rave Lace Bib Black Top $8. Rue 21 Elastic Belt $3 TJ Maxx Layered Skirt $12 Target Red Tights $8 Thrifted Purse $1 Doc Martens Maryjanes Bargain $16
These tights are fast becoming my favorite! I love how opaque it is yet it's so thin and not sock-like, very reminiscent of the ones I had when I had my ephemeral ballet lessons at 6, meaning I only went for a day. The purse is my staple purse. I always use it because for some strange cosmic reason, most of the stuff I have in my wardrobe coordinates with that purse. When I do wear something bright and fun, that's when I whip out my tokidokis.

The box on my left is actually Thad's percussion box. It also moonlights as an additional side table. He's had that for years, it's now so beat up that it matches our intentionally beat up furnch.

It's a rainy Tuesday but it was all fun and sunshiny in my car on my way to work while listening to my Japanese-pop music the Pillows. I can't understand a lick of it but I know all the words. Ja mata ne!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tenant of the Embroidered Palace

Forever 21 Oaxacan Peasant Top $22 GAP Thermal $18 Skinny Jeans Hydraulic $20 American Eagle Sherpa Boots Bargain Find $40
First of all, I am not this bow legged :-p I don't like wearing sombre solid colors so I always try to put on something with prints or in this case, lovely embroidery! I absolutely love this Oaxacan (pronounced wa-ha-kan) top. I bought it as soon as I beheld it. I didn't gamble on the possibility it may end up in the bargain bin. It's versatile because I can wear it in the summer too. Me and my coven: Jess, Mama, Zor and Bevlee would all go postal for tops like this even way back in college. Classmates used to poke fun at me by saying I look like I'm wearing a pillowcase. The only ones who understood were the gay fashion designers and those are the peeps that matter when it comes to style. I love them to this day. The boots are kind of a challenge to coordinate with since I hardly own anything that's off white but I've been known to buy shoes that don't go with anything in my wardrobe...and heck, it was a bargain since this pair normally goes for $90. That's my excuse.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mulder and Skully

Ralph Lauren Cardigan (it's not frugal price) Arizona White Button Down Shirt $5 Libertine Cardigan $22 Karen Jeans $25 Green Shoes Target $19 Black socks that you can get anywhere.
Thought I'd go preppy today. The socks are a must because it is cold. I've been lusting over the skullicious vest when Target had Libertine design for them for their GO Designer Line. I missed it because I kept putting it off but found it once again on ebay. Ebay can work out for me sometimes. I only hate it when someone snipes me. I'm not telling you how much the Ralph Lauren cardigan is because it goes against my imposed frugality.

Oh and Happy Birthday to my dear ol' squid, Sherri DuPree Bemis. Check her along with sissies Chauntelle, Stacy, bro Weston and cousin Garron, band Eisley . This is a photo she sent to me as one of my birthday pressies. It now graces my shelf. I love you, chikadee! Keep rockin and rollin' and ho'in...Heh. I keed, I keed.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bear With Me And My Skull Cap

Vintage Fair Isle wool sweater $4.00 Paris Blues Jeans $14.00 Delia's Bear Yarn Skull Cap $16.00 Vintage Laced Up Boots $35.00 ebay
I bought this skull cap almost 10 years ago from a Delia's in New York. It's probably the only thing that still fits me from that era. I bought the Fair Isle sweater from the Purple Cow, the only non nasty thrift store I've ever been to. My backyard looks like shit but I suppose every backyard does right now unless it's on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens. When you have a whiny dog stuck inside your house, wanting to join and frolic in the backyard wetlands, this is the kind of photo you get. Shaky and over exposed...much like the Kardashians. Meeerrhh...I just sullied my page by mentioning those hos.
Boot detail...they're a pain to tie but they're actually so comfortable. I can walk over people with these on. Fortunately, I am vertically challenged. This was an ebay find and I don't know what the brand is but I'd like to pretend they're FRYE. Heh.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Vested Interest

Vintage Vest Miss Pioneer $5.00 Delia's thermal $8.00. Julie Top $5.00 Go Jane Russian Fur Boots $34.00 Dollhouse Skinny Jeans $35.00

It is a bit nipply out there but this spectacular vintage vest find is warm and cozy like a Holly Hobbie cottage. I woke up a little bit later than usual because Thad, the husband wanted to watch our favorite anime, Gintama together at midnight. I don't know how I managed to get ready, prepare my lunch, feed Gotham, fuss over today's wardrobe and take photos all in 45 minutes sans coffee even. Cold dark mornings are meant for sleeping in.