Monday, March 14, 2011

Wake Up To The Sight of Love


I had a hard time dragging my butt off my bed this morning...stupid time change. It was already 7 o'clock but it was still dark outside! I'm all achy because I spent the entire weekend cleaning and clearing my backyard, with the amazing help of the husb, of course. So thankful I didn't pull a snake from my plant beds this time. My yard is now clean but bald since the perennials haven't grown back yet.

Yup, that's a pink dollhouse that I meant to redo and house all my Blythe dolls but never really got around to it. I'll get to it eventually.


I'm very much infatuated with this song and band right now. They're called The Camerawalls. This is the kind of music that mentally plays in my mind when I'm home laying on my hammock enjoying a breezy day.

Have a great start of the week everyone. Frock on!

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