Friday, March 25, 2011

Dots All Folks


It's a nipply spring morning. That's why I had to wear over the knee socks to ward off the morning bite. I'm doing a little bit better with the waking up. I didn't snooze my alarm clock as much. It wasn't really the alarm clock that woke me up today but the snoring of Gotham, the resident wickedly handsome hairy creature of Australian Kelpie descent.

I bought this red dress from my second trip to Tyler to be with my DuPree girls (and boys) of the Eisley fame. (Check them out by the way, new album is out called The Valley) It's my first time wearing it. I've forgotten I had this dress till I bought another red polka dot dress. Figures.


That bubblegum brooch is probably one of my prized possession. I love the details on this: the glass globe and how the gumballs move when you shake it. I actually have 5 of them. All the same gumball machine mold but the gumballs differ in color mix so as expected of a certifiable nut, I had to have every kind. I tracked them all down from ebay and etsy. I know, I'm hopeless.


I'm standing by my little clematis plant I planted two years ago. It's about to take off! I'm excited about it seeing that I kill every plant I try to plant. My hands are like Round-Up. Clematis plants are kind of a high maintenance, like me :-P So if I care for it like I take care of myself, maybe it'll make it. So far, it looks like it's paying off. In a few weeks, that plant will be covered with beautiful blooms!


Friday! I'm looking forward to tennis tonight and then a relaxing evening with myself watching some obscure Asian film :-) I hope you all have a great weekend!

Frock on!

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