Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's All Geek To Me

Geek Chic. It’s the glasses primarily. It’s also inspired by how a geek puts on a mish mash of clothes together, nonchalant about style but still end up looking chic…well some of them ;-)

I’m having fun with poses, maybe it’s the coffee I accidentally drank. I had given up regular coffee. I’ve been drinking decaf for the past 6 months.


Why are sexy shoes the most uncomfortable shoes to wear? I am on knives on this pair but luckily I sit all day at work and draw stuff.

The music for today is the Boo Radleys. Wake Up Boo! Who really has the heart to stay in bed after listening to this?

I hope you guys have a fair Wednesday. Frock on, styledivas!

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