Monday, March 28, 2011

Mac and Me


First time I went into an Apple store and brought home a macbook pro :-) I wasn't too excited about it when I got home since at work I have a mac so it wasn't much of a novelty. I was more excited about the prospect of being able to do my own graphic art stuff. When I was finally done installing the necessary progs I needed, and started playing around, only then I got excited :-) It's a huge leap from the very old past its prime HP lappy that I have at home that I really just use to play on the internet or watch movies. Hopefully, I can finally do the graphic art projects I've been putting off for years.


Oh yeah, this was my outfit when I went to get my lappy. I bought that lovely hat from Target. It was a nice day to go shopping. I did swing by for Forever 21 only to exchange a belt that came in the mail damaged and gasp! I didn't buy anything else. I was mindful of the huge purchase I was about to make.


Alrighty, it had been a really good weekend so I hope this is going to be great week.

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