Monday, May 3, 2010

Dolled Up

Baby Doll dress from Aseras sa Colon 50 php. Very Blue Paris Jeans. Same shoesies from Friday's post. Bib necklace F21 $8.99 Union Jack ring $3.99 Rue 21

Every Cebuana reading this will know where I got my shirt. Most people are unaware of the hidden treasures in aseras stalls(side street boutiques) and the most wonderful thing about them is that you can haggle the prices down. The same top or dress you get from there are sold in high end boutiques at the mall with 300% mark ups. I bought the top when I was in Cebu about two years ago. It was originally priced at 150 php (Philippine peso) which is roughly almost 3 dollars. That is still cheap and I could've bought it for that price but it's the thrill of haggling that gives this frugal chick the ultimate high. I ended up paying 50 php which would be roughly a dollar and some cents. I did leave the salesgirl a tip which kind of defeats the purpose of haggling because I still parted with money but she was nice and funny. One thing I learned about living in the US is that good service should be rewarded.

Alright, let's see what Monday has in store for me...


  1. nindoot! love the lacey-lacey pakapin :) ug nindot pa pagka kuha photo! aaaah! :D

  2. Thank you, Gov! Mao lagi, mayng pagkachamba sa camera kay I still don't know how to work it. Oy, ako ra bya ang ga add anang white lace kay mobu-an raman ko. I'm glad it worked.

  3. suuuus mao diayng payter! naa jud ka magic! :D