Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hip, Hip, Hippie Chic

Jennifer and Grace embroidered peasant top. Rue 21 Fringe Vest $12. Express Jeans. Vintage Mules.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! I actually forgot it was today when I decided to dress all hippie, (well basically my uniform in college) or I would've worn my Mexican Oaxacan top. Squeezy, my friend at work thought I was dressed as a Mexican cowgirl. Haha! So I do have some sort of Mexican flair going on then.

I included the photo of how my backyard looks in bright morning light. It's so pretty. I never realized how massive that silver maple tree is but then when I'm standing in close proximity to anything, they look more gargantuan than they normally are. Woe is wee.

Trees are friends.


  1. Karemember ko nimo ingon ani ug outfit sa college.

  2. Aaaaah kanindutttt! ngano baratu ang vest ..suya ko =)
    And Xio-chan, one day i will come and visit u there gyud if u dont mind! Hehe