Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's Not My Default

Striped cardi $7 on sale and grey mini dress $17 Rue 21. Vintage jeans.
Reef Flip Flops in Olive

I won't take credit for this combination because I bought the whole outfit (sans pants) the way it looked on the default display. I gravitated to the whole mismatched patterns and colors and how they still look good together. Rue 21 is about a 5 minute drive from my office so when I feel l need a little upper like when my highly creative job begins to saturate my mood in acid, I go to Rue 21. The clothes are very trendy and the prices are very wallet friendly. I have gotten to know the peeps who work there, too and they're awesome people. One of them is Rebecca. She is one uber-cool lady and it seems like we agree on style, too because we buy the same things!

By the way, Rue 21 didn't pay me to endorse their store. This is just a semi homage for the store that helps this slightly impecunious clotheshorse feel like $20 is a shopping spree budget.

Handmade necklace. Zombie Bear was originally a phone charm. I got the ivory color coated chain from Michael's...et voila!


  1. i love the cardigan and the flowery+lacey top. too cool to be a default!