Thursday, May 13, 2010

Unbeached Wail

Derek Heart Batik Dress $30. F21 Cardi. F21 necklaces

I wear jeans with dresses because I am not so crazy about my legs. I bruise easily, you know being an exquisite China doll can be a drag :-P and mosquito bites take a while to fade. My legs are riddled with dots that if you connect them, you can probably form a portrait of La Gioconda. You know who she is right? She is world famous! No? Wiki that shit, people.

This dress needs a beach scenery. Where's an unearthly spectacular paradise of a beach when you need one? Oh right, I left it to move here... this dress isn't really bayou-friendly :-)


  1. hahah mao jud unta ako iask nimo ngano nag jeans pa ka anang dress nga it's soooo lovely! akong gi papas ang jeans sa akong utok while looking at you hehe..

    love your face here xiox! :D

  2. Wehehe. Tugnaw pud sa office Gov...I actually wore this dress last weekend bare-legged ^_^ Hayahay murag walay panty.

  3. There should be a disclaimer that says "F21" actually means Forever XXI.