Friday, May 7, 2010

Smile!...and the Whole World Will Think I'm Creepy

Charlotte Russe embroidered top $25. Cardigan by Absolutely. Vintage Boot Cut Denims.
Sweet Seventeen Mules.
Necklaces Rue 21

For people who don't know me in person but have chanced on this blog, they must think I'm the ornery sort. I just can't smile properly in photos. I believed I was smiling when I set the timer till I saw the outcome. Meh. I tried. I didn't have time to take another shot since I was in a hurry to get to work.

The star of this post is my clematis plant. I planted that flowering vine from bare root and now look at it! It's taking off. I'm quite proud of this achievement.

I'm still in neck-deep buried in a quagmire of deadlines but I am all happy because I snagged this 2.5 inches tall and full of awesome Gumball Brooch last night from ebay at the last 3 seconds. No one can rain on my parade today! Frock on, folkies!!!

Love's a gumball ^_^

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