Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On The Wings of A Mustard Chair

Rue 21 cardi. Rue 21 dress bargain $7.99 Vintage denims. Mom-bought heeled slippers.

This post is not about the outfit, it's about that wingback chair I snagged from the Salvation Army yesterday. I'm not sure where the chair was made but to me, it has that English drawing room flair to it albeit some drawing room of an eccentric recluse which is what I am fast becoming of so we're well matched.

I stragetically placed that chair right next to our bookcase, by the window and close to the fireplace (that you can't see on this photo). It's the perfect chair for curling up with a book. Thad can't curl in it though but he can smoke his
pipe and relive his days as a sailor on the high seas of my mood swings. Heh.

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