Friday, April 30, 2010

Anime Mine

Rue 21 Cardigan $15 Anime Shirt circa 1999 over an Old Navy tank. Very Blue Paris Jeans.

Here we have a panoramic view of the half of our living room. Yes, that old TV has been gutted and now houses our DVD players, CD player deck, and our Creatures (some sort of speakers that look like alien spaceships.) That birdcage used to be a refuge for my origami birds.

An otaku like me should own an anime shirt. lt would be sacrilege otherwise. My besftfriend Bevelove owns the same shirt ^_^ I've had that shirt for 11 years. If it was a child, it'd already be in its tweens and starting to display (my idea of) rebellious tendencies by listening to the Jonas Bros and that Justin cub. Thank god it's just a piece of clothing!

Thanks to my wonderful ex-boyfriend now husband of 7 years who helped his idiot, non-kitchen wench take the photo out of the camera.

Have a great Friday's going to be downpouring all weekend but at least the surrounding vegetation will be having a blast!