Friday, April 2, 2010

Embroidered Stories

Overdrive Peasant Top $25. LEI freebie belt and boot cut jeans $25.Splash Clogs

This whole ensemble feels like I went back in time to my last days of college. The Coven and I used to wear peasant tops to uni. I have dubbed ourselves, Tenants of the Embroidered Palace. These were the tops classmates used to ask me either for ridicule or just plain stupidity if they were made from pillow cases. Bastards. The only group of people who cheered me/us on were the gay friends who are now famous fashion designers in the Philippines. See...I knew what I was doing.

I am rather thrilled that these jeans still fit me, too aside from the one from yesterday. I've had this jeans for 5 years. Yeah, I seldom throw clothes away knowing that fashion is cyclical. That's the miser in me. Plus, it's hard for me to find jeans that fit heavenly so if I find them, I keep them. I'm that way with husbands. Well, singular.

Oh, I guess some of you bright ones have figured it out way before...April Fool's for yesterday's post. I'm unpregnant and this blog is sticking around. Frock on y'all.

Sort of close up look on embroidery. Belt is canvas with gros grain trim and rivets. Ring is from Charlotte Russe. The other awesome ring is my engagement/wedding ring from Thadwick. Pink and Lime Green bead bracelets from Claire's and the rest were from Somewhere, Cebu.


  1. hahaha I knew it!!! April Fools' is your but in the end, I still have Thad-coming-over-without-you-knowing on the topmost spot ;) Miss you!