Tuesday, April 27, 2010

There, They're, Their...

Threadless shirt $15. Paris Very Blue Jeans $24. Charlotte Russe Wedges. Charlotte Russe Cardi $8. Red belt ebay.com

I still have this blog. Aside from atrophy and uninspiration claiming my time recently, my excuse is that I find my spring/summer outfits blah. They're not interesting to me because I'm not doing any layering. I should consider this as a challenge though and be more creative. My other excuse is that my camera seems to be deteriorating. I begged Thad to buy me a camera, a point and shoot for the dummies camera. He opted for a Leica one. Even though I gave him the idea, he still thinks the camera he bought with his own money is his. Soon this belief will dissipate. I got the shirt from threadless.com That shirt speaks in precise sentence structure to the grammarist in me. I just made that word up.

Design detail


  1. someday this frugal blog's gonna post a kukibulchik shirt ^_^

  2. That camera is not deteriorating oi! It's just not able to keep up with the exponential growth of your balderdash.