Thursday, April 29, 2010

Camera Non-Obscura

Lacey shirt Military Vest $8 F21 Score! Rue 21 jeans. Steve Madden boots

So the Lumix/Leica camera came in. Right now, Thad is treating it like he's married to it. Put a wig on it and they're in business :-P Photo was taken by Thad and his new inanimate wife. This is a part of our backyard and there's my struggling flower bed in the back. My shirt is made of some lacey fabric which if it hadn't been for the knitted military vest, I'd be showcasing my underwear. I've worn the striped pants before. It's got that circus look to it. I really wanted to wear my band jacket and go out as a Ringmaster but my menagerie is not allowed at my workplace anymore.

Really excited about this camera, once I figure out how to work it, I won't get looks from Tabitha anymore. She'll be regarding me like I'm a goddess of photography. Just wait and see, Tab...

This camera makes me look really short here...wait this IS the actual height setting. :-P One thing's for sure, I look 10 lbs. lighter here. I love this camera. It's such a liar.

P.S. I'm still on my Camera Obscura (the band from Glasgow) kick...


  1. LOVE this outfit! And the picture too!

  2. You're looking super cute & I'm glad to see the return of this 'lil blog! I have about four or five of the lacey shirts as well. I can never pass 'em up but it's always fun to figure out if they'll go with what I happen to be wearing that day. Any suggestions, you P'ville fashionista?

  3. Tab...better :-P haha

    M.E.G. My blog misses you. can always do the vest thing like what I'm doing here ^_^ or you can make it into an outerwear. I have one that I wear over a printed babydoll dress and I finish it off with a belt :-D