Monday, April 25, 2011

Pawn Shoppe Heart


What the Glindmeyers wore on Easter Sunday.

For some reason this photo reminds me of a 1970s album cover. One of my besties, fashion designer extraordinaire Kate Torralba coined me and my husband, Thad collectively as the Glindies. Thad's original last name used to have a Von in it. An ancestor who had a baronetcy in Germany carried that till the clan migrated to the United States. It's also some sort of play on the band called The Von Bondies who released an album titled Pawn Shoppe Heart. So the Von Glindies it is. Belated Happy Easter to you all. I'm just not going to go into the semantics of how Easter is a totally non-Christian celebration. The name Easter itself is from a pagan Germanic goddess Eostre (Ostara). Alright, frock on and stuff!


  1. You and your husband look so cool in this photo! I love it :P I love your cream and blue combination - the hat is a really lovely addition to the look. And your husband is looking super cool in stripes ;) Happy Easter dear! xx

  2. This is such a great picture!! Sooo 70's album cover, I love it. I wish I lived in the 70s.
    Your dress is so pretty!! I am glad you found me :)

  3. You look beautiful, Xiomara; and your husband here looks very cool himself. Cool (and groovy)!

  4. Thank you John! You have no idea how many John-Yoko halloween suggestions we get from random strangers. I have made notches.