Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Collector and Purveyor of Childhood Memories

Xanadu was not supposed to be just a style and fashion blog. It was supposed to encompass everything I am fascinated with that I care to share with the rest of the blogosphere. The everyday style posts have become very convenient for me because they guarantee daily entries except on weekends.

My other loves include vintage toys, Blythe dolls, designer Junko Mizuno vinyl toys, dollhouses, Swedish pop music, Brit Pop, French cafe music, embroidery, 1800s romance novels, Jean Pierre Jeunet films (the auteur responsible for films such as City of Lost Children and Amelie), Neil Gaiman, anime, sappy manga love stories, koedachan toys, vintage Sesame Street cartoon segments and last but not least, vintage children's books and their illustrators. I may have failed to mention some more interests but no doubt, I shall be blogging about them in the future. Actually, just about anything that reminds me of my childhood, I'm drawn to.


Shelf Obsessed
For detailed photos of each cube, click here .Pardon the laziness from posting them all here. ^__^

Above is my ikea wannabe-expedit shelf but I think it's better than the original since it's made of solid wood. Heh. These are the denizens of my X-Pedit. I don't house my Blythe dolls there since they're on a shelf beside my bed. This shelf resides in an extra room in our house called Mr. Buttersniff. We couldn't decide what to call that room: office, studio,computer,toy, sewing,brown,music... So we quit and gave it a person's name.


The Blythes on a shelf beside my bed, keeping their eyes on me, watching me sleep.

Growing up, I didn't have a whole lot of toys, I entertained myself with my own illustrations of faraway lands and imaginary friends. I still think I 've had the best childhood. If it wasn't for my highly active imagination, I wouldn't be where I am today and working at a job that can afford me to kinda sorta buy back my own childhood...even if they're just in the shape of toys I never had as a child. It's never too late to get what you wanted :-)


  1. The Story of Mr. Buttersniff for anyone interested:

  2. It's very thrilling to get a toy you always wanted when you were a kid! A friend bought me a Popple (which, as a child of the 80s, I always really wanted, but never got) on eBay and I totally love it.

    Your bookshelf and Mr. Buttersniff are marvelous.

  3. It's the best feeling, Jane! Have you heard of the Littles by MAttel? I have every piece of the furniture set! All form ebay. Bought everything as a xmas pressie to me.

  4. I LOVE your book shelf...adorable!!!! I still collect Disney stuff, too :) Oh...and stuffed animals.