Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Any Idea Why A Raven Is Like A Writing Desk?

…is my favorite Mad Hatter quote.

I love top hats. I love finding excuses to wear them. So today I am dressed as the Mad Hatter…for obvious reasons of “heh, why not?” When I got my breakfast sandwich from Subway, the owner asked me if I was an artist. I told him, I am when I’m not busy being a mad hatter to which he quipped “Same difference.” with a wink. Hehe. Touche.


My equally mad friend Clementine got me into playing RPG online but I’ll get to that later. This is my real life role playing. Haha, the oxymoron. I even got my own Cheshire Cat! Come to think of it, I should’ve been the Queen of Hearts. I’ve always wanted to yell “off with her head” at somebody. I’m wearing my crazy pants. I’m saying crazy because those stripes mess up my vision.

I hope you're the kind of feline that won't give me allegies, just the heebie jeebies.

I love drinking tea out of little porcelain cups versus mugs. There’s so much genteel daintiness to it that mugs just take away.


Anyway, I’m about to make this Tuesday fun even if it’s all in my head!


All accessories shown above were snagged from good ol' Walmart last year

Frock on, people with mad style!

This post is dedicated to one of my besties, Chaxmarion (yes, that her real name). It’s her birthday today and she’s always been a Lewis Carroll fan since she was a zygote.



  1. Wow...this is absolutely amazing, honey!You are amazing!Love everything about this outfit and the idea is awesome!


  2. yikes! oh no i'm late i'm late ..:P so i figured why the raven is like a writing desk! =^_^= . both of them stands alone with a sufficient personal bubble.. says the bandersnatch. :P gracias mi bestie! =^_^=. i'm still not getting over with julie dolphin while 'twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe.. <3

    xioo!!spiffin' !!! love ya long time ,-)

  3. ok so im officially inlove with you blog!! definitely following <3