Friday, April 30, 2010

Anime Mine

Rue 21 Cardigan $15 Anime Shirt circa 1999 over an Old Navy tank. Very Blue Paris Jeans.

Here we have a panoramic view of the half of our living room. Yes, that old TV has been gutted and now houses our DVD players, CD player deck, and our Creatures (some sort of speakers that look like alien spaceships.) That birdcage used to be a refuge for my origami birds.

An otaku like me should own an anime shirt. lt would be sacrilege otherwise. My besftfriend Bevelove owns the same shirt ^_^ I've had that shirt for 11 years. If it was a child, it'd already be in its tweens and starting to display (my idea of) rebellious tendencies by listening to the Jonas Bros and that Justin cub. Thank god it's just a piece of clothing!

Thanks to my wonderful ex-boyfriend now husband of 7 years who helped his idiot, non-kitchen wench take the photo out of the camera.

Have a great Friday's going to be downpouring all weekend but at least the surrounding vegetation will be having a blast!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Camera Non-Obscura

Lacey shirt Military Vest $8 F21 Score! Rue 21 jeans. Steve Madden boots

So the Lumix/Leica camera came in. Right now, Thad is treating it like he's married to it. Put a wig on it and they're in business :-P Photo was taken by Thad and his new inanimate wife. This is a part of our backyard and there's my struggling flower bed in the back. My shirt is made of some lacey fabric which if it hadn't been for the knitted military vest, I'd be showcasing my underwear. I've worn the striped pants before. It's got that circus look to it. I really wanted to wear my band jacket and go out as a Ringmaster but my menagerie is not allowed at my workplace anymore.

Really excited about this camera, once I figure out how to work it, I won't get looks from Tabitha anymore. She'll be regarding me like I'm a goddess of photography. Just wait and see, Tab...

This camera makes me look really short here...wait this IS the actual height setting. :-P One thing's for sure, I look 10 lbs. lighter here. I love this camera. It's such a liar.

P.S. I'm still on my Camera Obscura (the band from Glasgow) kick...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blooms Are Brown

Dress $30. F21 Cardi $11. Steve Madden Wedges $16!

I was going to take my pictures by my little flower bed but I had forgotten my camera's memory card at work. So that lovely plan got shot to hell. I ended up taking a photo in my office...with crappy lighting.

This whole ensemble was what I wore to my friends' Chauntelle Dupree and Jessie Dupree's double wedding rehearsal dinner. I'm wearing it again because I love this combination. There is no plum color in that whole outfit to match/coordinate with the plum shoes but hey, I wanted something to jump out, what better way than to finish this look with irrelevant hued shoesies. One should try it. Mitchy-matchy is too safe...

Frock on! Oh and...

Band obsession of the week is
Camera Obscura!!! Click on the image to play video
Their songs just take me back to a time when I wasn't even a zygote yet. I heart them!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

There, They're, Their...

Threadless shirt $15. Paris Very Blue Jeans $24. Charlotte Russe Wedges. Charlotte Russe Cardi $8. Red belt

I still have this blog. Aside from atrophy and uninspiration claiming my time recently, my excuse is that I find my spring/summer outfits blah. They're not interesting to me because I'm not doing any layering. I should consider this as a challenge though and be more creative. My other excuse is that my camera seems to be deteriorating. I begged Thad to buy me a camera, a point and shoot for the dummies camera. He opted for a Leica one. Even though I gave him the idea, he still thinks the camera he bought with his own money is his. Soon this belief will dissipate. I got the shirt from That shirt speaks in precise sentence structure to the grammarist in me. I just made that word up.

Design detail

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In My Tribe

Wet Paint Cardi. Angie Tribal Top. LEI Bootcut Jeans. Soda Shoes

Wearing tribal prints remind me of home, the Philippines...I don't own a whole lot of tribal printed outfits because I could never find one that wouldn't make me look like I'm part of a cultural dance troupe.

I love this cute tribal top. It's got those cool brass rivets sewn on the bodice.This top has spaghetti straps but since it's cold in my office, most of my outfits will always be finished with a cardigan. I think cardigans are my staple. They're warm enough for cold rooms and cool enough for the outdoor heat.

Necklaces were from my Nanay (mom)

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Bloody Valentine Isn't Anything

F21 Cardi $15. Limited Too Raglan Shirt with MBV print. Paris Blues Jeans $25
Heart Belt Ross $8. Kayla Chucks.

I haven't worn that orange shirt in a long time. I decided to wear it today in dedication to one of my BFFs Chaxmarion since it is her birthday. As you can see on the bottom photo, it is a My Bloody Valentine shirt. We both adored this band. Also, the chat hande I was using when I met Thad was Xuisefine which was taken from an MBV song Sueisfine. There weren't really any MBV merch available for us so I decided to print a shirt myself. I'm mighty proud of it. Anyway... Happy Birthday, Chaxmarion!!! Here's the male up tutorial I promised you a long time ago.

This is a deviant part of the post which will be about make-up. I decided to not to do any make up eye effects and went with the barely there natural look.

Below is my "natural" look arsenal
Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Serum
L'Oreal Whipped Concealer
Bare Minerals Golden Fair Loose Foundation
Finishing Veil Powder
Clinique Double Lash Mascara
MAC Highly Pigmented Eyeshadow in Espresso
Coastal Scents Blush Palette
Sephora Blush in Meringue Jalouse
MAC Brushes 109 (Small Contour Brush) 187 Duo Fibre Blush Brush
2nd and 3rd Brush MAC no longer sells but I'm sure you can find a substitute.
Sephora Bronzer Brush
Clinique Superbalm Lip Gloss
L'oreal Fairest Nude Lipstick 800

1. Moisturize face. Always, before putting on make-up. Wait for 2 minutes for moisturizer to seep in.
2. Apply Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free serum to even out pores. This thing also gives foundation a longer staying power.
3. Apply whipped concealer on under eyes, I prefer the consistency of it because it's so easy to apply with a brush.
4. Apply Bare Minerals foundation. Make sure you pick the right color for your skin tone. I am yellow toned so I opted for Bare Minerals Golden Fair. I used Sephora's Bronzer Brush.
5. Smile and apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. The apples become prominent when you smile so you'll know where you're applying your blush. I used MAC 187 Duo Fibre Blush Brush.
6. Brush on Finishing Mineral Veil to absorb oil and seal your foundation.
7. Next, is eyes...I use the eyeshadow closest to the natural color of my eyelids. I didn't do any fancy blending, or shaping at all. I just lightly applied the eyeshadow on eyelids gently ceasing when it got closer to my brows.
8. I have little to no eyelashes at all so I generously applied mascara to them. Clinique has awesome non clumping mascara. Invest in a $14 tube because they're waaaay better than any of those cheaper brands you find at WalMart.
9. Lastly is your kisser. I use a nude opaque lipstick and finish it off with Clinique Superbalm which to me is the best! It's not sticky, it doesn't have any taste/flavor and it lasts for a while giving you that "just-kissed" look. Rawr!

I know most of the make up I'm using is not frugal BUT it really pays to spend a little bit more on good quality make up. They last longer than cheaper brands, they're richly pigmented so in the long run, you actually save. I've had my eyeshadow pot of 6 months now and I haven't even used half of its contents and I use it everyday. Everyday. The hi-quality brushes are gentler on your skin and distributes make up evenly and quickly. It normally just takes me a minute to do a full cover up.

Alright, that's it. Let me know if you have questions, recommendations, suggestion or you just simply want to say HI!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Embroidered Stories

Overdrive Peasant Top $25. LEI freebie belt and boot cut jeans $25.Splash Clogs

This whole ensemble feels like I went back in time to my last days of college. The Coven and I used to wear peasant tops to uni. I have dubbed ourselves, Tenants of the Embroidered Palace. These were the tops classmates used to ask me either for ridicule or just plain stupidity if they were made from pillow cases. Bastards. The only group of people who cheered me/us on were the gay friends who are now famous fashion designers in the Philippines. See...I knew what I was doing.

I am rather thrilled that these jeans still fit me, too aside from the one from yesterday. I've had this jeans for 5 years. Yeah, I seldom throw clothes away knowing that fashion is cyclical. That's the miser in me. Plus, it's hard for me to find jeans that fit heavenly so if I find them, I keep them. I'm that way with husbands. Well, singular.

Oh, I guess some of you bright ones have figured it out way before...April Fool's for yesterday's post. I'm unpregnant and this blog is sticking around. Frock on y'all.

Sort of close up look on embroidery. Belt is canvas with gros grain trim and rivets. Ring is from Charlotte Russe. The other awesome ring is my engagement/wedding ring from Thadwick. Pink and Lime Green bead bracelets from Claire's and the rest were from Somewhere, Cebu.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Swan Song

Peasant top gifted from my Nanay circa 2003. Dollhouse Pants. Thrifted leather brown belt.

I apologize to my faithful readers, all two of you plus myself about my two day absentia. Hah. This blog really gets content when I am inspired because I don't want to write anything half-assed. For the past two days, I wasn't inspired by my wardrobe. I don't normally like to dress up when the weather is warmer because I can't layer clothing. I'll try to do what I can with what I've got like below...

Today I look like the way my aunts did in the 70s. They were cool hippie chick.s..not in the real sense though. They didn't do protests and they bathe regularly. I am super happy those pants still fit me! I haven't worn them in 2 years. I was scared to try them on this morning because I had visions of me muffintopping it.

Anyway, I'm quitting this blog today. This is my swansong. Thank you for the readership! I love you all. Frock on forever!

F21 Long Beaded Necklace. Target Cameo Necklace. Thrifted Blue Stone Locket necklace.