Monday, November 15, 2010

Pain, Pain Go Away

Back to the salt mines...I'm really still not feeling good but I'm getting a little bit depressed staying at home. I'm not sure if it was change of routine for just those two days that threw my mental balance off or if it was the meds but my psyche sure took me to a nebulous place. That being said, I couldn't really be a full blown anti-social recluse because I still missed being around people especially my girls at work. I guess I'm just so used to them. Nine years will do that to ya. Hehe.

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Anyway, *waves depression away* I did have a perfect little weekend with Thad. We watched silent era Hitchcock films that I didn't enjoy as much as Thad did. He took care of me in my convalescence and made sure I took my meds. My Prince Valium has impeccable bedside manners, too. Heh. Also, I got me a pair of new boots (See above). They're a pair of dark chocolate brown campus style boots from European Club. I wanted a pair of brown boots for a long time. This one is a bit too dark almost black but I love the style. I'll find that elusive pair soon. In the meantime, I'll be rockin' these.

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I got this too cute pumpkin carriage from for a steal.

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  1. See how utterly pretty you are. The drowsiness shows you the lighter side of it. :p
    Keep up with your vitamins and such. Hope you'll be fine and kickin soon Xio =^_^=. Kudos to your pumpkin and hat!