Friday, July 30, 2010

Glad To Be Plaid

I haven't been in these slums lately. Summer doesn't inspire me to dress nice. I'm normally just wearing embroidered peasant tops and jeans. Something I'd wear at home to lounge in. But, I am dressed nice today. According to me, of course so I decided to post this ensemble. I am thinking of moving all my entries here to a new all-encompassing blog about everything that I love. Fashion. Japanese Toys and Boys. Blythes. Vintage Thrift Store and Flea Market Finds. Craft Ideas. Music. Books, Artists. Thad and Xiomara Comics. Just anything and everything that fascinate me. A fashion blog is so limiting when there are so many things that set my creative mind reeling.

The new blog is called My Own Private Xanadu. See you guys there soon! And thank so much for following me here but please come with me to another sphere of X! Love you all!!!

detail on Coro Cuckoo Clock vintage 1940 fur clip which I got for a steal, of course


  1. Love the shoes, love the brooch, love the girl the behind it all. Love the belt too. I can't wait for your new blog. I'll be your faithful follower. xoxoxox

  2. Thank you Joana!!! So excited about my new blog. I hope I can keep it up...

    Audrey!!! yay you're here! Hehe...