Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm living in my own private Xanadu

My pet manticore circa September 2010

Welcome once again :-) It would've been a year since I started blogging but I stopped after less than half a year of entries. I started FrugalFrox on this day last year but I am resurrecting it as My Own Private Xanadu.

The blog title is of course, a play on the movie My Own Private Idaho. Xanadu is the place Samuel Coleridge wrote about in his poem of the same title and was believed to be written under his opium stupor. The first significance is that it starts with an X, like my name and the second is that Olivia Newton-John's movie Xanadu was I think, the greatest movie ever. You can't go wrong with live action, a cartoonified Olivia and roller skates. Aside from that, I really have no clue what that movie was all about.

Xanadu is a place inside me. It's mostly where my fantasies and dreams reside along with my childhood. This blog is a visual and textual capture of anything, everything that fascinate and inspire me.

I really want to thank my readers who have been waiting for this new installment. I started FrugalFrox for my own selfish needs. Hehe. I wanted to chronicle my outfits just to keep track of what I had worn but I never thought that it will be missed. So thank you. Mad props to my ever loving husband Prince Valium, I mean Thad for helping me out with the CSS, taking the new banner photo and for just being an all around awesome husband.

This blog will be less limiting than frugal frox. As frugal frox was just all about outfits, I am going to be blogging more than just clothes. I want to share other things as well because there is so much more to life...well my life, than clothes. Expect to see toys, vintage thrift store finds,crafts, music, cool people, strange books and films, fun photography and maybe even magic tricks ;-)


  1. Sugoiiiiii Xio-chan!
    and Oh yeyyyy! did i just leave the first comment? Woop! =)
    And You're welcome. I'm one of those who waited,too you know hihi
    salivating for those upcoming vintage thrift store finds and the rest of the craze soon! xo

  2. Wheeee! Arigatou Rukia-chan! Thanks for leaving me a comment. You have been missed as well. Lagi, so many things to post!!!

  3. ok i'm all buckled up for a ride .. perfectly valiumized! =^_^= . drat was supposed to leave a first comment when my boss came around. :/.

    xio! i'll be fully armed with 3D doodad for this!!!
    ---sob (@exactly 1:43am) is as doped up as steppin on a crown like a wild potato :P ..

  4. this is a wonderful kind of juju :)

  5. Chax, you never cease to make my head ache, teenager of the year :-)

    Sai, jujubees?