Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's A Tsumori Chisato Kind of Day

On this auspicious day, I am paying an homage to a Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato. This is an unfrugal post. I've never really been into high end designer clothing but Tsumori Chisato's sublime surreal designs are marvelous pieces of artwork. Her clothes are just not clothes hanging off your body, they're statements, they're stories, there's so much love and whimsy put into them. When I first discovered her, it felt to me like she cracked open my head, looked what's inside, and spun them into fabric. I believed she was designing just for me. No designer ever made that impact on me. Silk painted with mermaids swimming above an underwater metropolis, fairies feasting in a banquet, dancing bears in sky circuses but she also brings you down to terra with quaint country scenes of houses and rural shops. She definitely doesn't skimp on details. Most of her clothes when they are not painted, are appliqued with laces, tulle, tweed, whatever have you and more often than not, have painstakingly stitched embroidery and beadwork.

So today, on my happy birthday, I am celebrating it by wearing one of my Tsumori Chisato tops that I have made a replica of for my Blythe doll.

On Me: Tsumori Chisato top $XXX.xx Paris Blues Jeans $25. Frye Boots $XXX.xx On Blythe Xiomara made Chisato inspired top. X-made jeans. PuddingHouse Blythe Ugg Boots

The design concept on the blouse is of two girls ( little black girl and little white girl) holding hands while in a hot air balloon ride. I also have a fascination with hot air balloons, by the way so this top was just screaming for me to get my hands on them. The hot air balloon is floating on top of the city but there also happens to be a rabbit in a green dress with a basket leisurely walking on air. I tried the best as I possibly could replicating the embroidery on the Blythe version but it was too tiny even for my elfin hands. I hope my futile effort would still be worthy of my own praise.

It would be safe for me to say but not for my wallet that I will still be getting some more Tsumori Chisato pieces in the future. They're art I can flaunt, wear out and not just hanging up on my wall. Oh and yeah, a very Happy Birthday to myself! ^_^

Me and my Tweedly Do (almost twin) Blythe. Her name is Taura Deal (after Kim Deal)

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