Sunday, February 5, 2012

Preppy in Pink


The sweater I'm wearing is from Missoni for Target, yup the collection that broke Target's website. I opted not to get the ubiquitous Missoni chevron pattern and got the graphic rose instead. Pretty! The skirt I got from a boutique in Cebu called Artwork. I picked that dollhouse from the side of the road...a yard sale that was on the side of the highway, really.


I got these lovely chunky pink blocking shoes from People Are People in Cebu. It's a perfect match for this sweater. The cat ring looks preppy to me, like a preppy university badge. Finishing touch are my nerdy glasses :-) Frockin on further!


  1. You look preppy while adding your own unique charm. Great outfit, Xiomara! Looking awesome; and I also love those sandals. :)

  2. Oh, this sweater is Missoni for Target?! It's a really good piece. Actually, I hated this collection, I don't know why, but I'm not at all into all these geometrical prints. But this sweater is indeed an exception, there's nothing wrong with this, on the contrary actually!!! I love the color and yep, the shoes do look good with it :)
    Ah, this dollhouse is SO preeettyyy! <3 Makes me want to go buy dolls and play with it... And imagine I was never a doll girl! It's so cute :)
    I hope you'll update more often, because I missed you and because I really need to see you styling all these new amazing clothes <3

  3. Hi John! Thank you so much. I do love those sandals even though they'r enot as high as I'd like for them to be.

    Hello Demy! *HUGS* I had the same reaction to the Missoni line. I was like "huh? that broke the website?" I have 5 dollhouses. Haha and I was never a doll-girl till five years ago, I started collecting Blythe dolls. I should post them here soon wearing a replica of my outfits ;-)