Monday, November 30, 2009

Vintage Vectorie

Vintage Top says Items California. Necklace by Shekina (who also happens to be my awesome bead designer sister in law, Sheila) Vintage Golddiggers cropped jeans $15. Steve Madden boots $3.00 that's not a typo. Opaque Red tights from Target $7.00 Photo by my good friend Erin, who also blogs around these parts. Follow her there!
Groan...Monday. I had to wake my legs up to take me to work with these uber bright red tights. Target has, I think the brightest most opaque tights on this planet, so go get you one, and blind people. To offset the industrial gray drabness of my office walls, I employed some vector frou frou for foreground. I'm not sure if it's making it worse. 75% on this photo is vintage even the walls. It's not subterfuge when I tell you I am wearing a $3.00 pair of boots, new with tags through the kindness of thrift store serendipity.

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