Friday, November 27, 2009

Skirting the Issue

Dollhouse Denim Gilet Vest $23.00 Julie Flared Cardigan $15.00 Voice Top $20.00 Skirt Vintage Purple Leggings American Apparel $9.00 Refuge Boots $30.00 Handmade glass beads and leather strap necklace. CHEAP CHIC:Acrylic Coral Bangle $0.50!

Late post, I had to do all the Thanksgiving pre-requisites. As always, food was good, company even better and the midnight shopping spree, stellar! Bought a ton of stuff I shouldn't be buying but I need content for this blog. Marvelous excuse. Expect more bargain fashion posts soon. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.


  1. loving it xiomara...i wanna hug you now!!!

  2. i just bought a new pair of boots! flat and brown - new look, KIDS section jud! im playing dress up right now hehe...

    can't get over that purple leggings! amazing xio!

  3. Dins, I wanna be hugged! Thank you and I will be collecting the hugs when I see you. Talked to Wendell yesterday and he said he will forward my photos to Brian. Tell him to have an FB! :D

    Gov, the cardigan is actually kids size 14. My Blythes dress way better than me. Damn plastic hos. The leggings, you need to get you one.

  4. wow keep the fashion coming! some of us addicts need our fix:-)

  5. Thank you, Shannon. Drop by soonest! I'll be posting more pix from a couple of days ago, I just didn't have the time because of the hectic holidaze.