Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the 4th Be With You


Thad's little nook and the enshrined vintage Star Wars poster. Guy Fawkes grinning in approval.
I'm wearing Thad's Stormtrooper Crossbone shirt.

Today is Star Wars Day. I'm being a poseur for celebrating it when I've never seen Star Wars and the subsequent films that followed. I subliminally hear the collective gasp of nerd friends appalled at this statement. I'm still celebrating with and for the biggest Star Wars fan I know. This little boy below...


This was my husband Thad at 4 years old, dressed as Luke Skywalker. This wasn't Halloween. This was everyday and around Christmas time. Shirt and tunic all made by his late grandmawmaw Elsie. It's a cute family story of how he would refuse to take the clothes off and how his mom Marilyn had to fight with him in order for her to wash them. Thad was out one day when his dear Uncle Marvin mistakenly called him "Thad". The 4 year old grimaced and snarled, "I'm not Thad, I'm Luke!" Uncle Marvin jovially conceded and to this day, he still calls him Luke. ^__^


I can claim 3rd degree of separation from George Lucas. My bestie Cezoralene, whose uncle, Nilo Rudis-Jamero, was assistant art director for the all the Star Wars movies. Cool points! Here's a funny quote from him:

"I met George Lucas at his house in San Rafael where I failed three questions: 'Do you like science fiction books? Do you like science fiction movies? Do you like movies?' He hired me."

He is Filipino, where did you think some of the alien languages in SW came from? :-P The ewoks spoke bits and pieces of Tagalog.


Thad has had these Star Wars toys and knick knacks, remnants of a massive childhood collection that never made to the garage sale tables. I've gathered what is left along with newer toys I've serendipituously found and housed them in a bookcase where his geeky computer literature reside as well.

Also, special mention to my bestfriends' band Eisley who were orignally called Mos Eisley. Hehe. I didn't really wanna grab a photo of the internet so I'm posting the goofy one I took of them the last time we all hang out. I get to see them in June!

The only Star Wars memory I can recall from childhood was how grossed out I was to see Jabba the Hutt eat frogs. Or did he? I'm not so sure now. Anyway, to all Star Wars fans, especially the ones who've altered their homes to look like the interior of:
a) Death Star
b) The Cantina
c) Lars homestead
d) Cloud City
e)all of the above

May the 4th be with you.


  1. Star Wars?? Hmm.. have never watched these movies but I KNEW that the alien languages had a Fillipino origin hahahha! :D :P Aaaaanyways, you look so pretty in Thad's top! He is cool, really cool! :D Awesome glasses as well! Maybe I should get a pair like them! Then I would be officially a nerd :D Oh and is this a V for Vendetta mask behind you??? If it is, I WANT IT! :D :D

  2. I adore this outfit, I'm gonna fave on chictopia later! I love the colour of the pants with the yellow, and great tee too!

  3. Demy, hah you knew some of the language was Filipino origin? Or are you pulling my leg :-p Yes, that is a V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes mask. Thad actually asked for one last Christmas.

    Harriet, I wasn't going to post this on chictopia but then again... ;-)

  4. I've always been more a Star Wars fan than Star Trek (because someone HAS to keep showing Star Trek). The fashionable force is surely with you here, Xiomara. Very cool outfit here. I guess I like those booties the most here.

  5. It's funny, but with this hipster look look of you in Mr. Buttersniff, I get the impression of, "I was into Star Wars when it was still just a Skirmish. Now, it's. just. changed."

  6. Hehehe, except I can't claim that. You claim it. You had the outfit.